Oppent SpA: EVO™ Automated Guided Vehicle

Oppent SpA
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This is a transport system that uses automated self-guided vehicles (AGV). Capable of moving without the aid of an operator, EVO™ follows pre-programmed paths within the facility maps stored in its memory. These vehicles are used for the transport of hospital trolleys (load capacity up to 500 kg) assigned for several services: catering, laundry, waste, sterilisation, pharmaceutical and general supplies. Navigation is powered by Bluebotics’ ANT® System, which uses laser scanning and does not require the embedding of equipment on the floor, walls or ceiling, thus ensuring maximum freedom in programming routes.

The vehicles are bi-directional and have a programmable speed of 0.10 m/s to 2.0 m/s. A specific security system is able to identify any obstacles along the path and adjust the movement of the vehicle. EVO™ thereby ensures scheduled delivery services through complete automation, even in the presence of elevators and fire doors.