gomtec GmbH: Roberta®

gomtec GmbH
Dipl-Ing Bernd Gombert,
Dr Richard Roberts,
Dipl-Ing Martin Schautt


Roberta® is a light, intelligent, adaptable, agile, and inexpensive six-axis industrial robot. Its modular design allows customers to configure it to their requirements while still remaining affordable. The joint units allow unlimited (multi-turn) rotation for maximum flexibility.

Major emphasis has been placed on ease of programming. The user can move the robot to any desired pose in the workspace using the integrated RoboCommander® 6-DOF input device, and record it using the input ring. A set of such points can then be played back by the robot. Alternatively, a trajectory can be recorded directly using a similar technique.

A wide range of components can easily be integrated into the functional system. A gripper is provided with integrated force-sensing, a safety brake, and an optional stereo camera. This camera offers dynamic control of illumination intensity from its four integrated light sources, use of infrared wavelengths for reduced sensitivity to ambient lighting, and on-board image processing and object recognition. A redundant force-torque sensor is also available. This is all backed up by a uniquely coherent, future-proof, and expandable safety architecture.