Argo Medical Technologies GmbH: ReWalk Robotic Exoskeleton

Argo Medical Technologies GmbH
Itai Levinson,
John Frijters,


ReWalk Robotic Exoskeleton – More Than Walking

The ReWalk Robotic Exoskeleton is the most widely used, most studied, and first product of its kind to be made available for personal ownership. It consists of a light wearable suit that supports its own weight and integrates motors, rechargeable batteries, sensors, and a control system designed to be worn over the user’s clothing. Utilising proprietary algorithms, upper-body motions are constantly analysed by the control system. They are then used to trigger and maintain gait patterns and other modes of operation (such as stair-climbing or standing up), leaving the user’s hands free for self-support and other functions. ReWalk thus provides the social and physiological benefits of ambulation at a functional walking speed.
Clinically validated for safety and ease of use, ReWalk has the potential to reduce pain and spasticity, improve bowel and urinary tract functions, enhance body/bone composition and the metabolism, increase physical fitness, reduce hospitalisation and medication, and offer other health benefits. Based on this potential, we believe that ReWalk will deliver economic value and long-term savings to healthcare providers and third-party payers.
In an effort to accelerate the development of its service robotics business in the field of robotic human assistance, the YASKAWA Electric Corporation – the world-leading manufacturer of industrial robots and servo and inverter drives – entered a strategic alliance with ARGO Medical Technologies in September 2013. The goal of this strategic alliance is to work together towards improving current products and collaborating on the development on future innovations.