ArtiMinds Robotics GmbH: ArtiMinds Robotics Intuitive Robot Programming

ArtiMinds Robotics GmbH
Dr-Ing Sven R. Schmidt-Rohr, Dr-Ing Rainer Jäkel, Gerhard Dirschl, Simon Fischer


Software Suite

The software enables fast, intuitive programming of complex robot manipulator motions. Relevant applications are those that need motions with either

  1. a complex, fixed trajectory, not directly inferable from CAD,
  2. force-feedback controllers to adapt the trajectory during execution,
  3. multiple reusable robust basic skill templates,
  4. flexible online motion planning,
  5. automatic cycle time optimization.

The software combines methodologies from the state-of-the-art of industrial and autonomous robotics with new algorithms to address characteristics a) – f). Thereby the robot is guided in a simplified playback-mode directly by the human at the robot’s wrist. A small number of pivotal key points of the task are recorded. Key points can be modified quickly and individually either by repeat recording or in a CAD environment. Guided by an intuitive software wizard, a complex task model is generated automatically. Structure and parameters of the model are derived from simple motion templates and the key points. Finally, robot controller specific task program code is generated automatically from the internal model. Just that code runs on the robot controller during execution.