IKAP Robotics

Olive Intelligent Suitcase

Olive is an intelligent robotic suitcase that can either be used like a Segway, or automatically follows its owner using a 3D image processing system. With its smart robotic suitcase, IKAP Robotics aims to enable relaxed and comfortable journeys for everyone.

  • Taking advantage of a two wheel balancing Segway-like system
  • Optional follow-me mode (using 3D image processing)
  • Manifold connection and communication options via smartphones such as location tracking, digital lock, weight scale and trip planning
  • Lightweight and robust carbon materials
  • Simple and user-friendly usage

FoldiMate, Inc.

The Future of Laundry Is Here:
FoldiMate, the Robotic Folding Machine

The average person spends 750 days of their lives doing laundry, 375 days of which are folding!
FoldiMate is a 21st century solution to laundry. Created with the modern family in mind, FoldiMate Family™ was designed to help families get back to what matters most spending time together.
Through robotic technology, FoldiMate Family alleviates the tedious task of folding laundry, reducing a full-day chore into a fun activity the whole family can enjoy.

  • Provides busy homeowners and heads of households with a faster and more convenient way of folding laundry
  • Allows families to spend more time together
  • Allows families to spend more time doing activities they love
  • Reduces a full-day chore into a fun activity
  • Provides expert folding every single time

Blue Ocean Robotics


Infections caused by pathogenic bacteria in industrial applications and in the healthcare sector is a growing problem causing considerable costs. As the first of its kind, the UV-Disinfection-Robot drives autonomously to pre-defined areas so-called "infectious hot spots" when ordered by the staff. The UV-Disinfection-Robot kills up to 99.9% of infectious bacteria and vira within 10 minutes regardless of environment.

  • First and only fully autonomous and user friendly mobile robot for disinfection in hospitals and industrial applications
  • Tackling the major issue of Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI) as well as spread of infectious bacteria and vira in industrial settings
  • Robot requires virtually no human interaction and therefore has a minimal impact on the staff's workflow reducing required staff hours and saving costs
  • Increasing the quality of treatment by lowering the risk of spreading infectious diseases for patients and clinical staff